Eliott Talks About Salah's Impact and His Experience at Anfield

Eliott Talks About Salah's Impact and His Experience at Anfield

Recently, Harvey Elliot was interviewed by Liverpool's official website where he discussed his views on Salah and his own experiences at Anfield. Elliott expressed his admiration for Salah, stating that he continues to learn from different players, including Salah, until his retirement. As he joined the team as a right-winger, he acknowledged the difficulty of trying to replace Salah's position, considering him a remarkable player.

Although Elliott had to adapt his game, he found himself transitioning from his original position to his current role in midfield, where he focuses on goal threats and creative play. Elliott highlighted Salah's work ethic, emphasized the importance of pushing oneself, and inspiring young players. He admitted that Salah goes above and beyond, ensuring that everyone is doing well, both on and off the field.

Salah serves as an idol for the team, and Elliott acknowledged that it is easy to become solely focused on oneself. However, he revealed that Salah takes time out of his day to observe their training sessions and provide assistance whenever needed. Elliott shared an example where Salah messaged him after a match against Arsenal, in the final round of the FA Cup, even though Salah was away with the Egyptian national team for the Africa Cup of Nations. Salah's message of encouragement demonstrated his genuine care for his teammates, which Elliott greatly appreciated.

Playing alongside Salah and witnessing his achievements has been nothing short of incredible for Elliott. He expressed his delight at having the opportunity to play alongside such a talented player.

Regarding his personal experiences, Elliott acknowledged the challenges of being far away from his hometown. Nonetheless, he always carried dreams of playing at Anfield and occasionally had the privilege of attending matches with his father. The sensation of approaching the stadium, gradually getting closer, and eventually being inside, witnessing the interaction between players and fans, is every child's dream who supports their favorite team.

Elliott stated that he cherishes every moment in the game and hopes that Anfield will continue to stand tall. He emphasized the importance and pleasure of supporting the team from a fan's perspective, always wanting to give the team an extra boost.

On the pitch, Elliott admitted that he always gives his all, not just for the fans but for himself. Every time he steps onto the field, he aims to leave with his head held high, knowing that he gave 100% effort. As a player, Elliott believes in trying to influence the game and help his team overcome challenges, especially when things aren't going well. He stressed the importance of unity and fighting together as one, giving oneself that extra push when stepping onto the field.